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68 °F

Renting a Home in Moquegua

When I first arrived to Peru in 2010 I wondered where I would live, not because I was worried about it but, because I had so many options from the start! The brothers are very generous with opening up their homes. I've heard many experiences of need greater friends finding homes with the brothers from the territory.

So shortly after arriving in Moquegua I found it easy to feel the hospitality of our brotherhood. I saw that the brothers we're very involved in supporting those who had made sacrifices to come and support their territory! So my first couple days in Moquegua the CO gave me the number of a brother who rented out rooms on the second floor of his house and I got set up there. You may remember the pics from the post "Becoming Moqueguana". I stayed there for a year alone, but right in between two older sisters who took good care of me. They would bring me food, invite me to lunch, and tell me what I should and shouldn't eat or wear.. lol! On one of those lunches the sister served me this thin super tender meat, and kept saying it was "higado". Since it was my first year, and I was still learning non-theocratic (everyday terms.. food, drink, household terms, etc.) Spanish.. I didn't know higado was liver, until I ran back to my room to check the dictionary! Very interesting, but tasty lunch, she was a pretty good cook. Ha, ha.. but I really did enjoy listening to them and learning from their experiences from time to time.

Then there are sometimes brothers who have more than one home, and open the other one up to the friends as well.. Amazing right? I experienced that generosity as well when I roomed with Monica. There is a family that lives in Lima, but also own a house in Moquegua. Well the house was left completely vacant except for the weeks they would come to visit once a year. So they very lovingly let sisters stay in their house for years. Whenever they would come to visit we would just get things ready and rearrange things so that we would all be somewhat comfortable for their stay.

I love what happened to my friends from Spain though. When they got to Moquegua, already very familiar with the Peruvian culture, they went knocking on houses that appealed to them and just asked if they had space for rent. Jehovah blessed them so much because the search for something suitable can be hard. But thanks to Jehovah and all the sacrifices they had already made, the owners "said".. "Hmm...well, we hadn't thought about it but, Sure!" And they proceeded to show them a full apartment on the second floor of their building that they were currently living in and agreed to clear it all out for them and negotiate a price! Doesn't hurt to ask! What trust in Jehovah, and hospitality from this small town I've come to love.

Obviously it's not that easy for everyone, but its becoming more and more common to see houses with SE ALQUILA, written sometimes right on the house. If there is no phone number left, just knock and ask about it! But Moquegua is a mining zone, so the housing can be a little pricy.

Al fin de todo, I've had some pretty great learning experiences living in Moquegua. I'd do it all again! However, living with the friends and adapting to their culture and sharing space for sure has it's challenges.

So last year, I rented this little yellow house from a stern but nice widowed man. We have a contract, and he comes and picks up the rent every month. I really loved making this house a little cozy home.. For the first time I completely enjoyed my own personal space. For a long time I've wanted my own walls to paint a map of our worldwide preaching territory! I finally got it done! And what a pleasure it has been to have a roof to share with the friends, play games, share meals, and play my guitar and sing as loud as I wanted too! Lol.


This house and living alone helped me be even more thrifty here in Moquegua. I made my own bed and sofa from wooden palettes and a shoe rack from old fruit crates! So fun! While some furniture is available to buy, I really enjoyed making my own things .. I look forward to home making and decorating when we live under God's Kingdom.. Can you imagine how creative we will be able to be with all of the worlds resources at our fingertips!? The freshest wood, marbles, stones, natural dyes, plantlife.. wow! Isaiah 65! We'll have forgotten all about HGTV and Pinterest .. haha..

Food I cook at home!
Top Left: Fried fish, cucumber salad
Top Right: Ceviche
Bottom Left: Pasta Pomodoro
Bottom Right: More Fried Fish

This is the chalkboard table I painted. When friends come over we fill it up with doodles..


Here is my garden.. I planted herbs, and a couple flowered plants. Most of the sisters I see who have a green thumb grow there small crops and herbs in large oil buckets.. Lesson learned.. because too much sun on the patio! One of the plants attracted lizards, they would dig around for worms, and just enjoy the shade under my plants!!!

One night I realized I wasn't alone when I heard something scurrying around.. And then I saw the little gray blur run behind the door. aaahhh!!!! That was only my second experience with a rat/mouse in my home! So, thankfully my fearless friend Sonia lives only on the next block! She took care of it with a broom, but screams were heard! haha..

Then only a week later, I was sure there was another rodent; because I saw a much larger blur that was black and moved around on the patio from time to time. One day when I left the kitchen door open it wandered in, and I saw two yellowish eyes staring back at me through my sugar and spices on the shelf! Of course I called Sonia over to investigate with me.. haha.. But this time it was a feisty cat! When we tried to grab him, he jumped onto my stove and lunged out of the window! I've never like house cats, nor had any pet like that growing up.. But then I thought it may not be a bad idea to keep him around, at least to scare off Mickey! lol.. So I started feeding him...... and you know the end to that story.. He was with me til the end.. He began to sleep on the patio, and I started to call him Oreo.

The best moments are when the friends come over and share a meal, or we play games, or sing los canticos.

After a long day and night of the house to house ministry, it's important to be comfortable in your home, no matter how quaint or simple it may be.
Some of my family who don't quite understand the simple life say, "Why do you want to live that way?!" "You don't have hot water?" "You live in a garage!" lol I love it though! It's so nice to have the necessities, focus on our most important work, and be able to really rely on Jehovah for the rest! So I just wanted you all to be able to see where I am! FYI I also live on the same street or just a block over from about 5 witness families. Another blessing!

Sooo Need greaters....

How did you find your home? I would love to hear your stories! Please send me pics of your crafty ideas too!

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Sister, Sister

My Long Awaited Visitors


It's always nice to have something familiar with you while in a foreign place, little things that remind you of home, the best is when it's family or friends! So I was so happy when Tamara and Jeremiah began planning a 2 month trip to visit here in Peru!
We planned to visit Machu Picchu, the branch office in Lima, and spend the rest of the time in Moquegua. Here's some tid-bits from their trip.

Soooo. As soon as we arrived in Lima Jeremiah was the center of attention. Right in the airport he was greeted by a circle of girls that wanted their picture taken with him. It didn't stop there.. lol.. Poor Jeremiah was famous wherever we went. We stayed in San Martin, Lima for a couple of days with Pilar. While in Lima, we tried pollo a la brasa, anticuchos in Barrancos, went out in the ministy, and also took a bus tour of interesting places in Lima. Before departing for Cusco, we also took advantage of the time to visit the Bethel branch and enjoy our tour with our friend Kota!

large_IMG-20151010-WA0029.jpg270_20151009_183358.jpg EATING ANTICUHOS

bustour.jpgON A BUS TOUR IN LIMA

large_limacollage.jpglarge_paparrazi.jpg Jeremiah already tired of the paparrazi in Lima.




The branch office focuses on translation of the different Quechua and Aymara languages, and does the audio recordings of our publications. The Bethel family has simplified significantly and no longer has a requirement that everyone share lunch together. So we had lunch with Kota in his room!
Also, thanks to Jeremiah we were able to meet more brothers, and see extra rooms of the architecture and legal departments. Jeremiah made a lot of friends!

Back to Cusco


This was the first time I had been back to the center of Cusco since 2010!

In Cusco we stayed with a Japanese couple who have been serving in Peru for 10 years. We especially enjoyed the comfort of their home and their warm hospitality. For example, they provided hot showers and were really patient doing what they could to help Jeremiah feel comfortable with trying new foods. Thanks Sari y Rioji! With them we were able to meet some of the local friends, go to the Plaza Central, and visit the Quechua Congregation in T'ica T'ica.

Machu Picchu


Mosquitos, Amazing views and Backpacking Foreigners

The tour began in Ollantaytambo where we boarded Peru Rails. Moderaterly comfortable bus where we were served drinks and saw a pretty spectacular view of the Vilcanota River on the way!

At 7,970 feet above sea level.. The icon of Incan Civilization

Machu Picchu... What does that mean?
Machu Picchu is an expression in Quechua. Machu means old or ancient, and Picchu means mountain, therefore, Machu Picchu is translated as Old Mountain. This empire is considered the main tourist attraction in Peru and one of the most visited worldwide!

Don't go to Machu Picchu without bug spray! My poor sister was eaten alive by mosquitos!!! Once you get up the mountain either hiking or taking the bus(which we did) bug spray is not easy to find but we simply couldn´t continue without it... soooo... After we finally found some overpriced packets of insect repellent cream we were all able to concentrate on the view. There are lots of trails to take and explore and guided tours that makes appreciating the sights pretty easy. We did a simple guided tour that permitted us to walk through the citadel and see the way they built there homes, where they made sacrifices to their gods, and how they harvested crops. Jeremiah was so funny. He completely understood that the scenes were impressive and loved taking pictures with the mountains and rocks in the background. He did a really good job walking around the whole day.
What a maravilla del mundo! It was most interesting learning about the ways of the Inca's and all they did to give thanks to the source of all power that they believed to be the sun. It is definitley worth visiting Machu Picchu to appreciate the mounumental architecture. I think the mortarless construccion of their stone temples, tombs etc is really impressive because they were constucted with pure manpower. The tour helps you to understand the way the Incas relied so much on the things in nature, they were so productive! The Incas worshiped dozens of gods and believed in reincarnation. So, I especially look forward to, If Jehovah permits, returning to Peru in the future to preach to these resurrected people who may be interested to learn that their offspring and later generations came to love and serve a God more powerful than the sun that they so respected.
large_mpc2.jpglarge_mpc3.jpgmirandofotoscmama.jpg JEREMIAH ADMIRING FOTOS FROM THE DAY WITH MOM

City Tour in Cusco

Arrival in Moquegua

We were saved from possible mountain sickness flying from Lima to Cusco . But the trip from Cusco to Moquegua in bus was long and brutal. There were not many options on which bus to take, and zero flexibility on the hours of departure. So we began travel late at night.. and tried to get some rest for the duration of the 18 hours to Moquegua! Needless to say, we were so anxious to get off the bus! But, I was even more anxious for all to finally meet my family! This time arriving to Moquegua I had plans to move into a new house, so, in the meantime the 3 of us stayed with friends until we got settled in the little yellow house.

When our bus finally arrived in Moquegua, our familia moqueguana was waiting ready to surprise us! A small group waited for us in the bus terminal with welcome signs.. and then took us right to lunch! What a relief to finally arrive safely and have such a warm welcome for Tamara and Jeremiah from good friends.
Friends from my congregation picked us up from the bus terminal

Now in Moquegua we could settle down and enjoy the tranquil life in this dusty valley. We spent a day in Ilo, attended an assembly, enjoyed the circuit overseers visit, went to a welcome party, a fair, and preached a day in the chakra!
Everyone was very impressed with how well behaved Jeremiah was at the meetings. Tamara was a great example for other mom's working hard to inculate the love of Jehovah in their childs heart. Here´s some photos of our memories together in Moquegua.

large_DSC_0219.j</p><p>[float=right ===Preaching in Moquegua===
That's my dog! Jeremiah enjoyed the fact that San Antonio is full of dogs.. Everytime he saw one that he liked.. He shouted, "My dog! That's my dog!" 90_20151129_175620.jpg 871AF807EEE8E4C8A05ABD560C43BD5D.jpg

90_BE55C4BAFAE1BDEA3CFAE1CF76132094.jpg 90_20151106_194505.jpg JEREMIAH´S HAIRCUT IN SAN ANTONIO




With Tamara we started making a Spanish Bible Taboo Game.. The friends loove playing it now!


I couldn´t possibly post all of the photos that were taken.. but here is a small taste of the MUCHO that I loved having my twin sis and nephew here with me! I hope they can come again!

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Still here!

Hola familia y amigos!


Hello, Hello!
Sorry about the loooong wait in between posts. I´m still here staying busy! Quick update...
Four months have passed since my long awaited vistors were here! We went to Machu Picchu in Cusco, the Bethel branch in Lima, and moved into my new home! Here in San Antonio, we enjoyed a great memorial season, camped on the beach, I took a quick trip to Lima, and we enjoyed another special meeting in Campoy! Shortly we will be enjoying our circuit overseer visit and the assembly. Oh, and I´m learning another language..More details and pictures to follow shortly!

Besos y abrazos!

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¡Familia Moquegua....

Os voy extrañar!

Just finishing up my 4th and a half year here in Moquegua. It's been great living the best life ever! "The best life ever", means giving of yourself to others, and doing the maximun you can for Jehovah! Of course we can live the best life ever in any part of the world, but here's an idea of what its like in Moquegua, Peru!

The Most Important Work
Although we cover our territory once a month, we still find an abundance of interest! Our last CO visit made us all aware that more than half of the congregation is not conducting a bible study! Since our territory has so much potential, we are all working hard to support and encourage everyone in their efforts to make return visits!! This Memorial season our attendance at the meetings has been increased greatly! We are just about 80 publishers, but for example this past Sunday we had an attendance of 155! We bought more chairs so that during the Special Talk we would have less standing. It's so good to be in the company of so many bible students! Jehovah is speeding up the work as promised! (Isaiah 60:22)

This year I was able to travel a little and do lots of fun things with the family in San Antonio! Here's some pics of the assembly,
and our trips to the beach, the park, Chile, and Lima!

Parque Ecologico! Usually when there's a feriado(holiday) we go to the park!

yeah.jpgIMG_3766.jpg Food and Vole!
Camping on the Beach, Pozo de Lisa, in Ilo!

IMG_3568.jpgIMG_3571.jpgIMG_3553.jpgIMG_3600.jpg My homeade peach pie!
Picking the best, sun warmed peaches in Cinto with Monica

Punta De Coles

puntacoles.png puntacoles2.png
Punta de Coles, or Coles Point, is a rocky biological reserve that sticks right out into the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Ilo. A group of us went to this nature reserve which protects and preserves the marine and coastal ecosystems of this area.
We were able to observe from a safe distance a large colony of South American fur seal, which is one of the largest on the coast of Peru. I had no idea there are penguins on the coast of Peru also but we saw a few from a distance.. Que lindos.


Chile for the weekend!

Something fun to do while in Moquegua is... travel to Arika! Ha ha! Yes, in just 4 hours you can cross the border into Arika, Chile. A country refreshingly distinct from Peru. Arika is a bit more modern city with beaches, shopping ,movie theaters, sushi, and McDonald's! It was time to renew my visa, so I headed out with Isaac, Yuki, and Sonia. We visited our friends, Sandor, Karen and Nico!!! Here's some pics!


large_arika2015.jpg IMG_4046.jpgIMG_4037.jpglarge_IMG-20150214-WA0003.jpg

Lima- Special Meeting with representative from World Headquarters


It was an awesome experience to attend for the first time the Special Meeting in Campoy, Lima this year with 6,500+ of our brothers that are serving in this country. Most in attendance were in the special full time service. What an upbuilding trip! Before the program began I was able to chat with Br. Larson, the visiting speaker, and his wife. Que guay to find out that he is from Troy, Michigan! They seemed very happy to be in Peru, and speak with someone from Michigan. It was great to be able to met them both, and hear his encouraging bible discourse. After the program a sister from France organized a gathering at her house and invited a great number of the foreigners over. It was an awesome exchange of encouragement because it's rare that so many of us are together in the same spot! It was like an International Convention making friends form Austraila, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, the US and Sweden. Our organization is amazing! Our real brotherhood is one of my favorite things!


Special greetings to Eleaonora and Alberto! What a huge surprise to find that they had read my blog while looking for information about serving in Peru, and knew exactly who I was because of it! What a joy to find out that they are living and serving now in Cajamarca! Que alegria poder conocerlos, que Jehova les siga bendeciendo, y que nos volveremos a ver!

Miraflores, San Miguel Y Betel
Public Witnessing in English with Allison from Florida!
A quick tour of Bethel with friends, Pilar from Lima, and MariaEugenia from Columbia

La Conmemoracion

214 in attendance!

Besos! See you soon!

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Reasons for Joy!

Announcing the 100th year of God's Kingdom in Moquegua!

sunny 77 °F


Jehovah is good! September and October were months that brought many things to be thankful for.
What an exciting new service year! It was great to feel the enthusiasm of the ministry stay the same from one continent to the next. 100 years of kingdom reign, made us preach ever more urgently. It is such a HUGE blessing to have JW BROADCASTING.. It helps me so much to be able to hear such treats in English! It was amazing to be able to enjoy the entire Gilead Graduation program from the comfort of my room. Thank you Jehovah! I know we are all so thankful for the way Jehovah continues to speed up the work, and give us everything we need to be able to be his collaborators in this most important work!

Well, as soon as I returned we enjoyed our regional convention"Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom"! It was great to see 5 publishers from the San Antonio Congregation baptized! Especially David and Yola, we have worked really closely with them over the past years, and their progress is tremendous! We have seen David transform into an excellent spiritual head for his family. He is very zealous for Jehovah, and loves to do things the right way! His daughters, ages 4 and 7, give the most heartfelt prayers. These make it easy to see that the relationship they have with Jehovah is real. After the morning session Saturday; it was good to see many brothers met to hear about the details of the new school for Kingdom Evangelizers. It will be interesting in the years to come to see the results of such training!

One evening after the convention program Audrey invited us to eat ice cream with a couple brothers from Ilo, and a newlywed special pioneer couple from Juliaca, Puno. They shared their experience on the program about how the followed bible principles in having a small simple wedding. The brother also shared his experience about reaching people with the truth in the dense jungle of the Amazon in the video, Our Whole Association of Brothers. Maybe you recognize him? :) His wife was very encouraging to us, as she reminisced about her days of serving isolated territories as a single sister. Their example encouraged us to keep doing all we can for Jehovah.

It has been great spending time with our brothers from around we world! Eating and sharing experiences is the best. Many pass through Moquegua to see if they want to stay and support the territory. Enjoy the pics with your brothers from Japan, France, US, and Chile!

David & Yola Condori

I was so happy to buy tortilla shells from Tacna! Thanks Plaza Vea.. jaja.. Mexican-American Tacos!


Buying olives in Tacna.

It was awesome to finally participate in public witnessing here in San Antonio. We set up in the weekend market. It's interesting to wait and see who will approach. The majority of people who pass by, read to themselves, "Que Ensena realmente la Biblia?" Finally a woman approached, and said, "This is so nice!" She grabbed a Bible Teach book, and readily gave her address, saying that she would be happy to study the Bible. I think this approach is so effective, because, for a change, interested ones show us what's in their heart first. We look forward to following up with her soon!

Sitting down for a bible study.

My bible study Ema's guinea pig had babies! They are, of course, anxious to see them grow so that they can eat fried cuy! However, I thought they were cute!

Que privilegio tenerlos aqui con nosotros! Bienvenidos a Moquegua!

We welcomed a new family from Spain into our congregation, Amalia, Loida, Sonia, and Isaac! We love their example, and support. Loida and Sonia support the Quechua language group here. They previously lived in Cuzco for 8 years before coming here to Moquegua. It has been a positive change for them so far, and a huge support to the quechua group since they are able to give weekly classes to help the brothers learn to speak and reach people more effectively. Loida's mother, Amalia, is here for half a year, and is out every morning and afternoon, and night. Sonia's brother Isaac, is a huge help because now San Antonio has 4 ministerial servants! These are pictures from their welcome party, and a day of hanging out in the Mirador and The Parque Ecologico.


At the same time we were sad to say goodbye to Go and Junko! They have been such a huge support system for the congregation. Their interest and humble attitude has done so much to encourage. However, they were invited to the Bible School for Christian Couples, back in Japan. So they will receive the instruction in their mother tongue. What a privilege! But, since they are residents of Peru, we all have high hopes that they will be returning afterward. We'll see! Here's how we said "see you later"... "Vuelvan pronto de Japon!"...

Another day in the Chakra

It's pretty interesting to me how much plant life, and water, and trees and flowers attract us. The creation reflects just how much Jehovah knows us! We were meant to live on a luscious green earth! These facts become more evident to me every time I visit the chakra, or a park here in the area. The territory we work in everyday is dry and full of sand! Ha ha! Needless to say, sometimes I miss the trees of South Carolina and the tulips of Michigan's spring. But this day in Las Islas de Omo was the quench I needed. Some friends from the Aymara Congregation invited us along to have lunch in the chakra. Sister Juanita has several cows, and plenty of land that was growing watermelon. We'll have to return for the watermelon, because they were still the size of tennis balls! The Aymara congregation has less than 30 publishers so they are a very close group. So, the sisters boiled potatoes and fried chicken. Most of the boys got in the river, and then later we played a little vole (volleyball). I even brought my guitar along. It was only the second time that I had played in front of a group! Ahh! Anyway... What a refreshing afternoon!

Chau!!! Until next time!

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