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First photos

With friend Pilar when I first arrived in Lima

The Main Street in San Antonio

First day back in the territory with Monica.

On the way to welcome back gathering.

Back to cooking everyday! I missed it. Pasta verde and also a white lima bean salad with a side of sweet potato.
I've read that, one of lima beans' proposed places of origin, the place where the early European explorers were thought to have first discovered them, is actually reflected in its name "Lima," the capital of Peru. Who knows?.. But these fresh beans are good and a protein and fiber all star!

E5037CD42219AC68176663B937C86EB8.jpgE50B6D3F2219AC681790A49F05DF9E28.jpg90_E499A30E2219AC6817C3EE22BF1B009D.jpg E4A1BF2B2219AC68174756F5B0C64831.jpgE51E112E2219AC68178C5E8381E96BC8.jpg
On our free day Monday we went up to Los Angeles to a cuyeria (Restaurant we're cuy is the specialty).
In Los Angeles you'll find alfalfa fields, cows and horses and the like.

Some brothers from the mid week service group.

It was hard to say goodbye to all of you friends and family! It was a fun 6 months! Returning to the States, always makes me appreciate what I have, and then value even more a simple life. I arrived quickly to Moquegua this time.. Well in all about 12 hrs of travel. Detroit to Atlanta, by plane. Atlanta to Lima, by plane. I stayed one night in Lima with friends. And the next day I went from Lima to Arequipa, by plane. Then Arequipa to Moquegua, by van. Moquegua to San Antonio, by taxi. Finally arriving at the house, I was welcomed by a worried, but now relieved Monica. It was hard to keep in contact throughout the trip; and I can't blame her, there's always reason to worry with travel here. And being a foreigner you always need to take extra precaution. Not to mention the horrible driving habits!

But it has been very refreshing to get back into my routine here in Moquegua. It's been good to go in service with new publishers, and see the continued growth of the congregation. Our CO visit with Milton and Patty Guevara was upbuilding as always. I loved his talk based on 1 John 3:19,20 that says, Jehovah is "greater than our hearts, and knows all things." Jehovah isn't critical the way we sometimes are with ourselves. He doesn't only see what we do, and what we don't do. But when he examines us he takes everything into account like our genetic makeup, upbringing, and past experiences. Way greater than our hearts! This made me feel closer to Jehovah. What a privilege to keep in step with Jehovah's organization on the move. I was just as thrilled as everyone, to hear the news from the annual meeting, about the new revision of our precious Bible! I was happy to hear that my family was all there. I need pictures of that occasion, by the way!

Oh, back to Moquegua. .. During lunch with Br. Guevara and his wife, Monica and I expressed our interest in changing territories! There are so many congregations that have a need for publishers! So there is a list showing congregations that need more publishers, and also unassigned territories. The list is accompanied with a form that you fill out stating, the capacity in which you are serving, who you would like your partner to be, and the city/cities you are interested in visiting. Once you decide on a department and territory you would like support, you send this form to the branch through your service committee. The branch then, contacts the congregation, and reports back to you with an official assignment! You can visit the congregation for a minimum of 1 month up to 3 months. This is done so that you can offer support, temporarily or maybe permanently, if after the allotted time you have an interest in returning. We were happy to hear the circuit overseer, encourage us in our goal and say that a change will be nice. So now we are looking north. We would love for Jehovah to choose! We're not sure when this will all take place, but I'll keep you updated of course, as to were we are.
1D89DE422219AC6817166BFE549F6E3B.jpg Milton and Patty Guevara

Looking north... 1D7CA5A22219AC6817332AC38C056689.jpg

Pioneer Meeting during CO visit
Jimmy and Isabella Gonzalez

At the start of November I began putting to use my skills of teaching English as a Foreign Language. Well, really I'm just developing skills in TEFL. But I like it a lot. I was a great blessing from Jehovah to receive work in this area. Thanks to Jehovah this fits right in with my full time job of preaching the good news. I'm able to put to use teaching skills in my secular work with teaching skills that are being constantly refined in the ministry.

It was so easy this month to start conversations with the Kingdom News #38! That is always such a concern here in this zone, "What happens to us when we die?", so the tracts have been flying out of our hands. We have a pretty large territory, so we didn't run into the need to help other congregations.

Early in the day, week, month, year

Monica and I are starting our day every morning just a little bit earlier to be able to reach more people in the mornings. After the daily text, breakfast, and our carrot extract, we are out the door before/by 6am. This way we can catch many people on their way to work and school before we meet the group at 7:45am. We usually go to the combi stop that's on the way or nearest to our point of meeting that day. We are happy to be able to place lots of magazines, read scriptures, and catch many heads of the household.

This past weekend was our pioneer meeting, and circuit assembly. While I was in Michigan, our brothers here were busy with the construction of Moquegua's very first model Kingdom Hall. You'll remember that there is one in San Antonio, but this is the first in the center of the city. The brothers in 3 congregations are now very happy to have a nice, new, spacious Kingdom Hall to worship Jehovah in. In the past, they were meeting in a makeshift KH, which was a long narrow space of a home. But now...


We were encouraged during the pioneer meeting to keep cooperating with the organization. It was nice to be together with Moquegua's 80+ pioneers, and see that some new faces have joined the ranks!


Here's some shots from the circuit assembly " Gods Word is Beneficial for Teaching."
These are friends Jose and Andreya from Montreal, Canada. They are supporting a congregation in the nearby Tacna.

Goodbye to Jimmy and Isabella! They have moved to a different department in Peru called Ancash! They are now serving a large congregation in the fishy city of Chimbote.

Hope everyone is well! This is all for now.. More updates soon!

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Good job our girl!!! Keep up the good work!! Love you tons!!

by Alexis & Jen

hello, miss you ,you were so encouraging to all of us and the cong glad you r back home safe..tamara helped me out with my email.so i can keep in touch,take care may jehovah be with you and continue to bless you all...love you.

by aunt mattie

Hey teneka I hope u have fun with out me I miss u

by Donella

Sissy!! Excelente! you look great. :) so happy to see you back in your home... doing what you love and making Jehovahs heart glad. Tu eres la mejor! Can't wait to get down there and soak up some of that South American sun and explore the teretorio contigo. Mi y chito, por supesto. Looks like you had a nice overload of food as soon as you got back phicyically yum yum y mas importante espiritualmente. besos y abrazos... muchas a ti u Moni. talk soon.

by Tamera Y Jeremias

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