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¡Familia Moquegua....

Os voy extrañar!

Just finishing up my 4th and a half year here in Moquegua. It's been great living the best life ever! "The best life ever", means giving of yourself to others, and doing the maximun you can for Jehovah! Of course we can live the best life ever in any part of the world, but here's an idea of what its like in Moquegua, Peru!

The Most Important Work
Although we cover our territory once a month, we still find an abundance of interest! Our last CO visit made us all aware that more than half of the congregation is not conducting a bible study! Since our territory has so much potential, we are all working hard to support and encourage everyone in their efforts to make return visits!! This Memorial season our attendance at the meetings has been increased greatly! We are just about 80 publishers, but for example this past Sunday we had an attendance of 155! We bought more chairs so that during the Special Talk we would have less standing. It's so good to be in the company of so many bible students! Jehovah is speeding up the work as promised! (Isaiah 60:22)

This year I was able to travel a little and do lots of fun things with the family in San Antonio! Here's some pics of the assembly,
and our trips to the beach, the park, Chile, and Lima!

Parque Ecologico! Usually when there's a feriado(holiday) we go to the park!

yeah.jpgIMG_3766.jpg Food and Vole!
Camping on the Beach, Pozo de Lisa, in Ilo!

IMG_3568.jpgIMG_3571.jpgIMG_3553.jpgIMG_3600.jpg My homeade peach pie!
Picking the best, sun warmed peaches in Cinto with Monica

Punta De Coles

puntacoles.png puntacoles2.png
Punta de Coles, or Coles Point, is a rocky biological reserve that sticks right out into the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Ilo. A group of us went to this nature reserve which protects and preserves the marine and coastal ecosystems of this area.
We were able to observe from a safe distance a large colony of South American fur seal, which is one of the largest on the coast of Peru. I had no idea there are penguins on the coast of Peru also but we saw a few from a distance.. Que lindos.


Chile for the weekend!

Something fun to do while in Moquegua is... travel to Arika! Ha ha! Yes, in just 4 hours you can cross the border into Arika, Chile. A country refreshingly distinct from Peru. Arika is a bit more modern city with beaches, shopping ,movie theaters, sushi, and McDonald's! It was time to renew my visa, so I headed out with Isaac, Yuki, and Sonia. We visited our friends, Sandor, Karen and Nico!!! Here's some pics!


large_arika2015.jpg IMG_4046.jpgIMG_4037.jpglarge_IMG-20150214-WA0003.jpg

Lima- Special Meeting with representative from World Headquarters


It was an awesome experience to attend for the first time the Special Meeting in Campoy, Lima this year with 6,500+ of our brothers that are serving in this country. Most in attendance were in the special full time service. What an upbuilding trip! Before the program began I was able to chat with Br. Larson, the visiting speaker, and his wife. Que guay to find out that he is from Troy, Michigan! They seemed very happy to be in Peru, and speak with someone from Michigan. It was great to be able to met them both, and hear his encouraging bible discourse. After the program a sister from France organized a gathering at her house and invited a great number of the foreigners over. It was an awesome exchange of encouragement because it's rare that so many of us are together in the same spot! It was like an International Convention making friends form Austraila, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, the US and Sweden. Our organization is amazing! Our real brotherhood is one of my favorite things!


Special greetings to Eleaonora and Alberto! What a huge surprise to find that they had read my blog while looking for information about serving in Peru, and knew exactly who I was because of it! What a joy to find out that they are living and serving now in Cajamarca! Que alegria poder conocerlos, que Jehova les siga bendeciendo, y que nos volveremos a ver!

Miraflores, San Miguel Y Betel
Public Witnessing in English with Allison from Florida!
A quick tour of Bethel with friends, Pilar from Lima, and MariaEugenia from Columbia

La Conmemoracion

214 in attendance!

Besos! See you soon!

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Thanks, as always, for letting us be part of your journey! May Jehovah continue to bless and guide you :) We love you tons!!

by Jennifer Pfropper

Love your pics! Working down there in the ministry is HUGE privilege, and what a cool place to do it! Keep the pics coming please. May Jehovah continue to bless your work.
Ron L.

by Ron Lardie

How encouraging that you are living the BEST LIFE EVER and also SHARING IT WITH US, those of us who are beyond the years to do such exciting things.
I am so proud of you, you look so happy. Keep up the good work, and keep the updates coming. We love you!!!

by Lynne Gray

Teneka, after looking at your pics, I was thinking, I should make a slide-show complete with music, what do you think? I can copy your images here, I think.....it would be encouraging to show it at our K.Hall, if that's OK with the Brothers...any musical suggestions? I got a couple in mind. A kingdom song, and maybe a secular one?
Ron L.

by Ron Lardie

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing them😊🌷🌼🌹🍄😀

by Betty cruz

what an amazing blog! Love you for all that you Continue to do for Jehovah and the sacrifices you are making for him. Such an inspiration to continue in pursuits of goals and for the best life ever. Keep it up!

by Brandon

Teníka I'm so glad to find you again. I had been reading your blog to help prepare my mind for a move to Salaverry, but somehow lost track of you. So good to see young ones like yourself and those in your pictures giving their best to Jehovah.

by Leslie Kelley

Hello again, Teneka. Just wondering if you are planning to go to Lima for the english convention in September. We are hoping to come, and look forward to meeting you in person. Tu hermana en la fe, Lee

by Lee Kemp

@Lee.. Aww q bien :) Im not sure, im headed home soon, and not sure what month I'll be back!

by TenekaCJ

Ms. Teneka Johnson it is so encouraging to see your pictures and hear your stories. You are living the best life there is. I'm glad I ran into your aunt some months to get back in touch. Keep up the good work and may Jehovah bless you. You are always welcomed to visit us. And maybe I can have a taste of that peach pie oneday lol.

by Tamara Morgan

Teneka, when you read my posts, do you actually get me email address too? I would love to contact you directly about your Peru experiences, including how you originally contact people before your first trip, and how you decided where to settle. If you need my email address, I will be happy to give it to you via travellerspoint. Thank you so much for getting back to me.

Hope you have an awesome trip back to the states.

Take care, Lee

by Lee Kemp

Hello Teneka. Don and I will be arriving Lima next Thursday. We will be working with the English congregation for 4 weeks. Then vamos viajar. We hope to visit Moquegua too. When will you be back in PE? We really hope to meet you in person. Much love, Lee

by Lee Kemp

@Lee that's soo exciting!! I'm glad you all were able to make plans to visit!! How I would love to meet you both in person as well... Sin embargo, I'm still in the States!!! Will you be staying until the end of the year?

by TenekaCJ

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