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My Long Awaited Visitors


It's always nice to have something familiar with you while in a foreign place, little things that remind you of home, the best is when it's family or friends! So I was so happy when Tamara and Jeremiah began planning a 2 month trip to visit here in Peru!
We planned to visit Machu Picchu, the branch office in Lima, and spend the rest of the time in Moquegua. Here's some tid-bits from their trip.

Soooo. As soon as we arrived in Lima Jeremiah was the center of attention. Right in the airport he was greeted by a circle of girls that wanted their picture taken with him. It didn't stop there.. lol.. Poor Jeremiah was famous wherever we went. We stayed in San Martin, Lima for a couple of days with Pilar. While in Lima, we tried pollo a la brasa, anticuchos in Barrancos, went out in the ministy, and also took a bus tour of interesting places in Lima. Before departing for Cusco, we also took advantage of the time to visit the Bethel branch and enjoy our tour with our friend Kota!

large_IMG-20151010-WA0029.jpg270_20151009_183358.jpg EATING ANTICUHOS

bustour.jpgON A BUS TOUR IN LIMA

large_limacollage.jpglarge_paparrazi.jpg Jeremiah already tired of the paparrazi in Lima.




The branch office focuses on translation of the different Quechua and Aymara languages, and does the audio recordings of our publications. The Bethel family has simplified significantly and no longer has a requirement that everyone share lunch together. So we had lunch with Kota in his room!
Also, thanks to Jeremiah we were able to meet more brothers, and see extra rooms of the architecture and legal departments. Jeremiah made a lot of friends!

Back to Cusco


This was the first time I had been back to the center of Cusco since 2010!

In Cusco we stayed with a Japanese couple who have been serving in Peru for 10 years. We especially enjoyed the comfort of their home and their warm hospitality. For example, they provided hot showers and were really patient doing what they could to help Jeremiah feel comfortable with trying new foods. Thanks Sari y Rioji! With them we were able to meet some of the local friends, go to the Plaza Central, and visit the Quechua Congregation in T'ica T'ica.

Machu Picchu


Mosquitos, Amazing views and Backpacking Foreigners

The tour began in Ollantaytambo where we boarded Peru Rails. Moderaterly comfortable bus where we were served drinks and saw a pretty spectacular view of the Vilcanota River on the way!

At 7,970 feet above sea level.. The icon of Incan Civilization

Machu Picchu... What does that mean?
Machu Picchu is an expression in Quechua. Machu means old or ancient, and Picchu means mountain, therefore, Machu Picchu is translated as Old Mountain. This empire is considered the main tourist attraction in Peru and one of the most visited worldwide!

Don't go to Machu Picchu without bug spray! My poor sister was eaten alive by mosquitos!!! Once you get up the mountain either hiking or taking the bus(which we did) bug spray is not easy to find but we simply couldn´t continue without it... soooo... After we finally found some overpriced packets of insect repellent cream we were all able to concentrate on the view. There are lots of trails to take and explore and guided tours that makes appreciating the sights pretty easy. We did a simple guided tour that permitted us to walk through the citadel and see the way they built there homes, where they made sacrifices to their gods, and how they harvested crops. Jeremiah was so funny. He completely understood that the scenes were impressive and loved taking pictures with the mountains and rocks in the background. He did a really good job walking around the whole day.
What a maravilla del mundo! It was most interesting learning about the ways of the Inca's and all they did to give thanks to the source of all power that they believed to be the sun. It is definitley worth visiting Machu Picchu to appreciate the mounumental architecture. I think the mortarless construccion of their stone temples, tombs etc is really impressive because they were constucted with pure manpower. The tour helps you to understand the way the Incas relied so much on the things in nature, they were so productive! The Incas worshiped dozens of gods and believed in reincarnation. So, I especially look forward to, If Jehovah permits, returning to Peru in the future to preach to these resurrected people who may be interested to learn that their offspring and later generations came to love and serve a God more powerful than the sun that they so respected.
large_mpc2.jpglarge_mpc3.jpgmirandofotoscmama.jpg JEREMIAH ADMIRING FOTOS FROM THE DAY WITH MOM

City Tour in Cusco

Arrival in Moquegua

We were saved from possible mountain sickness flying from Lima to Cusco . But the trip from Cusco to Moquegua in bus was long and brutal. There were not many options on which bus to take, and zero flexibility on the hours of departure. So we began travel late at night.. and tried to get some rest for the duration of the 18 hours to Moquegua! Needless to say, we were so anxious to get off the bus! But, I was even more anxious for all to finally meet my family! This time arriving to Moquegua I had plans to move into a new house, so, in the meantime the 3 of us stayed with friends until we got settled in the little yellow house.

When our bus finally arrived in Moquegua, our familia moqueguana was waiting ready to surprise us! A small group waited for us in the bus terminal with welcome signs.. and then took us right to lunch! What a relief to finally arrive safely and have such a warm welcome for Tamara and Jeremiah from good friends.
Friends from my congregation picked us up from the bus terminal

Now in Moquegua we could settle down and enjoy the tranquil life in this dusty valley. We spent a day in Ilo, attended an assembly, enjoyed the circuit overseers visit, went to a welcome party, a fair, and preached a day in the chakra!
Everyone was very impressed with how well behaved Jeremiah was at the meetings. Tamara was a great example for other mom's working hard to inculate the love of Jehovah in their childs heart. Here´s some photos of our memories together in Moquegua.

large_DSC_0219.j</p><p>[float=right ===Preaching in Moquegua===
That's my dog! Jeremiah enjoyed the fact that San Antonio is full of dogs.. Everytime he saw one that he liked.. He shouted, "My dog! That's my dog!" 90_20151129_175620.jpg 871AF807EEE8E4C8A05ABD560C43BD5D.jpg

90_BE55C4BAFAE1BDEA3CFAE1CF76132094.jpg 90_20151106_194505.jpg JEREMIAH´S HAIRCUT IN SAN ANTONIO




With Tamara we started making a Spanish Bible Taboo Game.. The friends loove playing it now!


I couldn´t possibly post all of the photos that were taken.. but here is a small taste of the MUCHO that I loved having my twin sis and nephew here with me! I hope they can come again!

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Oh Tanika, it is so nice to see you back home in Moquegua. My husband, Don, and I were able to visit your "dusty valley" last September, as we had hoped. But, we were so sorry that we missed meeting you. We stayed with a lovely pioneer family in La Florista (I think) named Luis and Edith and their 17 year old son. They were so hospitable! Edith cared for us like a mother hen. We enjoyed service there very much too. But, most of my photos of Moquegua (besides the friends) were of the rare green spaces in town. When looking at satelite map, we got the mistaken impression that Moquegua is quite lush, Huh! However, what the place lacked in green, was made up in the warmth and love we experienced by our brothers and sisters there. We sure hope you settle into your new house well. Can't wait to see the photos. Love you already, Lee

by Lee Kemp

Your photos are precious! Jeremiah looks cute! You guys looked like u really had a good time.you made me wanna be there with ya'll lol. Jeremiah will always remember how happy serving Jehovah can make u, & that is priceless. Glad to see u doing well, can't wait 4 the next post!

by Nettiegirl

Hello my dear sister! So happy to see your post, your such an amazing example! Your endurance in the dusty valley gives me hope that we can continue find the joy in Jehovah's service here in peru where there is need. For we know soon to come we will see the desserts blossom! May Jehovah continue to bless you and the efforts you show for his name!

by Melody Kelley

Tenika, these are wonderful pics! So nice that Tamara and Jeremiah could come too. You are living the dream many of us would LOVE to do. Working where the need is greater in such an interesting place! It also shows the warm brotherhood we have no matter where we go in the world. Love ya, Ron & Carol Lardie.

by Ron & Carol Lardie

PS, especially liked the pictures of Machu Picchu!

by Ron & Carol Lardie (again)

So encouraged by your spiritual experiences.
May Jah bless...

by Lynne Gray

Thanks for the update! I've missed these blog posts.

by Michael Nelson

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