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Renting a Home in Moquegua

When I first arrived to Peru in 2010 I wondered where I would live, not because I was worried about it but, because I had so many options from the start! The brothers are very generous with opening up their homes. I've heard many experiences of need greater friends finding homes with the brothers from the territory.

So shortly after arriving in Moquegua I found it easy to feel the hospitality of our brotherhood. I saw that the brothers we're very involved in supporting those who had made sacrifices to come and support their territory! So my first couple days in Moquegua the CO gave me the number of a brother who rented out rooms on the second floor of his house and I got set up there. You may remember the pics from the post "Becoming Moqueguana". I stayed there for a year alone, but right in between two older sisters who took good care of me. They would bring me food, invite me to lunch, and tell me what I should and shouldn't eat or wear.. lol! On one of those lunches the sister served me this thin super tender meat, and kept saying it was "higado". Since it was my first year, and I was still learning non-theocratic (everyday terms.. food, drink, household terms, etc.) Spanish.. I didn't know higado was liver, until I ran back to my room to check the dictionary! Very interesting, but tasty lunch, she was a pretty good cook. Ha, ha.. but I really did enjoy listening to them and learning from their experiences from time to time.

Then there are sometimes brothers who have more than one home, and open the other one up to the friends as well.. Amazing right? I experienced that generosity as well when I roomed with Monica. There is a family that lives in Lima, but also own a house in Moquegua. Well the house was left completely vacant except for the weeks they would come to visit once a year. So they very lovingly let sisters stay in their house for years. Whenever they would come to visit we would just get things ready and rearrange things so that we would all be somewhat comfortable for their stay.

I love what happened to my friends from Spain though. When they got to Moquegua, already very familiar with the Peruvian culture, they went knocking on houses that appealed to them and just asked if they had space for rent. Jehovah blessed them so much because the search for something suitable can be hard. But thanks to Jehovah and all the sacrifices they had already made, the owners "said".. "Hmm...well, we hadn't thought about it but, Sure!" And they proceeded to show them a full apartment on the second floor of their building that they were currently living in and agreed to clear it all out for them and negotiate a price! Doesn't hurt to ask! What trust in Jehovah, and hospitality from this small town I've come to love.

Obviously it's not that easy for everyone, but its becoming more and more common to see houses with SE ALQUILA, written sometimes right on the house. If there is no phone number left, just knock and ask about it! But Moquegua is a mining zone, so the housing can be a little pricy.

Al fin de todo, I've had some pretty great learning experiences living in Moquegua. I'd do it all again! However, living with the friends and adapting to their culture and sharing space for sure has it's challenges.

So last year, I rented this little yellow house from a stern but nice widowed man. We have a contract, and he comes and picks up the rent every month. I really loved making this house a little cozy home.. For the first time I completely enjoyed my own personal space. For a long time I've wanted my own walls to paint a map of our worldwide preaching territory! I finally got it done! And what a pleasure it has been to have a roof to share with the friends, play games, share meals, and play my guitar and sing as loud as I wanted too! Lol.


This house and living alone helped me be even more thrifty here in Moquegua. I made my own bed and sofa from wooden palettes and a shoe rack from old fruit crates! So fun! While some furniture is available to buy, I really enjoyed making my own things .. I look forward to home making and decorating when we live under God's Kingdom.. Can you imagine how creative we will be able to be with all of the worlds resources at our fingertips!? The freshest wood, marbles, stones, natural dyes, plantlife.. wow! Isaiah 65! We'll have forgotten all about HGTV and Pinterest .. haha..

Food I cook at home!
Top Left: Fried fish, cucumber salad
Top Right: Ceviche
Bottom Left: Pasta Pomodoro
Bottom Right: More Fried Fish

This is the chalkboard table I painted. When friends come over we fill it up with doodles..


Here is my garden.. I planted herbs, and a couple flowered plants. Most of the sisters I see who have a green thumb grow there small crops and herbs in large oil buckets.. Lesson learned.. because too much sun on the patio! One of the plants attracted lizards, they would dig around for worms, and just enjoy the shade under my plants!!!

One night I realized I wasn't alone when I heard something scurrying around.. And then I saw the little gray blur run behind the door. aaahhh!!!! That was only my second experience with a rat/mouse in my home! So, thankfully my fearless friend Sonia lives only on the next block! She took care of it with a broom, but screams were heard! haha..

Then only a week later, I was sure there was another rodent; because I saw a much larger blur that was black and moved around on the patio from time to time. One day when I left the kitchen door open it wandered in, and I saw two yellowish eyes staring back at me through my sugar and spices on the shelf! Of course I called Sonia over to investigate with me.. haha.. But this time it was a feisty cat! When we tried to grab him, he jumped onto my stove and lunged out of the window! I've never like house cats, nor had any pet like that growing up.. But then I thought it may not be a bad idea to keep him around, at least to scare off Mickey! lol.. So I started feeding him...... and you know the end to that story.. He was with me til the end.. He began to sleep on the patio, and I started to call him Oreo.

The best moments are when the friends come over and share a meal, or we play games, or sing los canticos.

After a long day and night of the house to house ministry, it's important to be comfortable in your home, no matter how quaint or simple it may be.
Some of my family who don't quite understand the simple life say, "Why do you want to live that way?!" "You don't have hot water?" "You live in a garage!" lol I love it though! It's so nice to have the necessities, focus on our most important work, and be able to really rely on Jehovah for the rest! So I just wanted you all to be able to see where I am! FYI I also live on the same street or just a block over from about 5 witness families. Another blessing!

Sooo Need greaters....

How did you find your home? I would love to hear your stories! Please send me pics of your crafty ideas too!

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Just wondering if you are still in the Santa Monica congregation. Don and I were able to visit Moquegua in 2015, but it was while you were back in the States. We stayed with a wonderful family in the Florista area. Same idea as your first stay, upstairs in a room with it's own bathroom (minus hot water). They treated us so well, like royalty, really.

We have been concerned about our friends up in the mountains. Have you been hit with the same kind of rain as they got on the coast? Every one of our PE friends are in our prayers.

I'm so glad that you are continuing to serve Jehovah there. Adjusting to the culture, climate, and language can be very daunting. You should, with all modesty ­čśë, be proud of yourself.

With much love, and hopes we might meet on day soon,
Your sister from Wyoming,
Lee Kemp

by Lee Kemp

Very enjoyable to hear how you got set up. Keep up the good work. As regards living simply, the greatest things in life money can't buy.

by Lynne Gray

Hey Sister Lee! Yes I'm still in the San Antonio congregaci├│n for now.. Grupo Quechua! I can't believe we missed each other like that! Yes hopefully we will meet one day! Thank you for commenting!

by TenekaCJ

How u like live in peru what name of congregation how u like spain

by Donella moore

Hello Teneka, thankyou for your reply, I actually just moved from Roquetas làst month back to Manchester UK, to the Spanish congregation...when I've got enough money I would like to go back to Peru..I like how you live! great fotos

by barny de-la-Mare

Hey 10-EK! Love the map you painted! Want to visit sometime!

by Michael

Hi teneka how are you doing how do you like being back home in Peru do you miss being at home are you going to post another new blog and peru where you at

by Sweetie

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