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sunny 70 °F

First photos

With friend Pilar when I first arrived in Lima

The Main Street in San Antonio

First day back in the territory with Monica.

On the way to welcome back gathering.

Back to cooking everyday! I missed it. Pasta verde and also a white lima bean salad with a side of sweet potato.
I've read that, one of lima beans' proposed places of origin, the place where the early European explorers were thought to have first discovered them, is actually reflected in its name "Lima," the capital of Peru. Who knows?.. But these fresh beans are good and a protein and fiber all star!

E5037CD42219AC68176663B937C86EB8.jpgE50B6D3F2219AC681790A49F05DF9E28.jpg90_E499A30E2219AC6817C3EE22BF1B009D.jpg E4A1BF2B2219AC68174756F5B0C64831.jpgE51E112E2219AC68178C5E8381E96BC8.jpg
On our free day Monday we went up to Los Angeles to a cuyeria (Restaurant we're cuy is the specialty).
In Los Angeles you'll find alfalfa fields, cows and horses and the like.

Some brothers from the mid week service group.

It was hard to say goodbye to all of you friends and family! It was a fun 6 months! Returning to the States, always makes me appreciate what I have, and then value even more a simple life. I arrived quickly to Moquegua this time.. Well in all about 12 hrs of travel. Detroit to Atlanta, by plane. Atlanta to Lima, by plane. I stayed one night in Lima with friends. And the next day I went from Lima to Arequipa, by plane. Then Arequipa to Moquegua, by van. Moquegua to San Antonio, by taxi. Finally arriving at the house, I was welcomed by a worried, but now relieved Monica. It was hard to keep in contact throughout the trip; and I can't blame her, there's always reason to worry with travel here. And being a foreigner you always need to take extra precaution. Not to mention the horrible driving habits!

But it has been very refreshing to get back into my routine here in Moquegua. It's been good to go in service with new publishers, and see the continued growth of the congregation. Our CO visit with Milton and Patty Guevara was upbuilding as always. I loved his talk based on 1 John 3:19,20 that says, Jehovah is "greater than our hearts, and knows all things." Jehovah isn't critical the way we sometimes are with ourselves. He doesn't only see what we do, and what we don't do. But when he examines us he takes everything into account like our genetic makeup, upbringing, and past experiences. Way greater than our hearts! This made me feel closer to Jehovah. What a privilege to keep in step with Jehovah's organization on the move. I was just as thrilled as everyone, to hear the news from the annual meeting, about the new revision of our precious Bible! I was happy to hear that my family was all there. I need pictures of that occasion, by the way!

Oh, back to Moquegua. .. During lunch with Br. Guevara and his wife, Monica and I expressed our interest in changing territories! There are so many congregations that have a need for publishers! So there is a list showing congregations that need more publishers, and also unassigned territories. The list is accompanied with a form that you fill out stating, the capacity in which you are serving, who you would like your partner to be, and the city/cities you are interested in visiting. Once you decide on a department and territory you would like support, you send this form to the branch through your service committee. The branch then, contacts the congregation, and reports back to you with an official assignment! You can visit the congregation for a minimum of 1 month up to 3 months. This is done so that you can offer support, temporarily or maybe permanently, if after the allotted time you have an interest in returning. We were happy to hear the circuit overseer, encourage us in our goal and say that a change will be nice. So now we are looking north. We would love for Jehovah to choose! We're not sure when this will all take place, but I'll keep you updated of course, as to were we are.
1D89DE422219AC6817166BFE549F6E3B.jpg Milton and Patty Guevara

Looking north... 1D7CA5A22219AC6817332AC38C056689.jpg

Pioneer Meeting during CO visit
Jimmy and Isabella Gonzalez

At the start of November I began putting to use my skills of teaching English as a Foreign Language. Well, really I'm just developing skills in TEFL. But I like it a lot. I was a great blessing from Jehovah to receive work in this area. Thanks to Jehovah this fits right in with my full time job of preaching the good news. I'm able to put to use teaching skills in my secular work with teaching skills that are being constantly refined in the ministry.

It was so easy this month to start conversations with the Kingdom News #38! That is always such a concern here in this zone, "What happens to us when we die?", so the tracts have been flying out of our hands. We have a pretty large territory, so we didn't run into the need to help other congregations.

Early in the day, week, month, year

Monica and I are starting our day every morning just a little bit earlier to be able to reach more people in the mornings. After the daily text, breakfast, and our carrot extract, we are out the door before/by 6am. This way we can catch many people on their way to work and school before we meet the group at 7:45am. We usually go to the combi stop that's on the way or nearest to our point of meeting that day. We are happy to be able to place lots of magazines, read scriptures, and catch many heads of the household.

This past weekend was our pioneer meeting, and circuit assembly. While I was in Michigan, our brothers here were busy with the construction of Moquegua's very first model Kingdom Hall. You'll remember that there is one in San Antonio, but this is the first in the center of the city. The brothers in 3 congregations are now very happy to have a nice, new, spacious Kingdom Hall to worship Jehovah in. In the past, they were meeting in a makeshift KH, which was a long narrow space of a home. But now...


We were encouraged during the pioneer meeting to keep cooperating with the organization. It was nice to be together with Moquegua's 80+ pioneers, and see that some new faces have joined the ranks!


Here's some shots from the circuit assembly " Gods Word is Beneficial for Teaching."
These are friends Jose and Andreya from Montreal, Canada. They are supporting a congregation in the nearby Tacna.

Goodbye to Jimmy and Isabella! They have moved to a different department in Peru called Ancash! They are now serving a large congregation in the fishy city of Chimbote.

Hope everyone is well! This is all for now.. More updates soon!

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For 39 Cents!

Just a few things you can buy under the sun in Moquegua for 1 sol

The Sun. The ancient Incas worshiped the sun as their God and Provider; but, what a joy to help their ancestors learn the truth about Jehovah our Creator! Therefore, the Peruvian Nuevo Sol, or “New Sun”, is the money used here in Peru ever since the 1980's. Information says that it is South America’s most stable and reliable currency… Well, we know nothing is stable in this old world.. But, for now, it permits us to buy the things we need… Here are some things you can buy with only 1 sol or 39 cents of a dollar!

2 newspapers, with both local and country wide news

A bag of 6 of these fresh rolls, that we call “Pan Torata”. If you wake up early enough they will still be warm when you buy them.

10 boxes of matches. (oops we’ve already used the other 5)

A bottle of Clorox Bleach of 572 grams.

2 bags of Monica’s choice, Tor-tees. They are made by the Frito Lay company, and are pretty much the same as spicy Fritos.

10 key limes.

036.jpg 1343.jpg
2 of these bundles of fresh herbs like basil, mint, parsley, cilantro, and oregano.

march2013_015.jpg C47511BA2219AC68179D15241AD45C3F.jpg
1 kilo(2.2lbs.) of watermelon.. sliced up and put in a bag.

One hour at any of these computers with internet.

C47851662219AC68176F5542FF5B0E6E.jpg 1283.jpg
4 Picarrones! On a few street corners in Moquegua you can find Picarrones. There are like funnel cake rings served with honey, or sweet syrup.

A box of 25 tea bags of any flavor.

For 1 sol a boy will carry all of your groceries, bags, buckets, boxes, crates, plants, and such to the outside of the market where you wait for a taxi.

A kitten. This is Heidi a girl from the congregation. She sells juice and yogurt at the market where we work. But this day she was selling her kitten for 1 sol!

2 of these artificially flavored juice boxes.

Cheap earrings. Ha, ha creo que la palabra 'cheap' is de mas.

A bag of homemade fruit juice from the street. This is from Maracuya aka Passion Fruit.

A handful of Rocoto. Monica and I use this spicy pepper every day as a dressing to our food. It must be the cousin of the habanero. Rico!

A round trip in a combi to anywhere in town. This route 19A leaves us pretty close to our house.

A personal sized Sprite, Fanta, Coca-a-Cola, or Inca Kola.

012__2_.jpg 646E1EF92219AC681743F5DB3879041F.jpg
A pretty nice assortment of 4 and 6 pack chips, crackers, and cookies. Sublime! Milk Chocolate with Peanuts.

Un Pocito Mas! ( A little bit more!)

Here in Peru exists what we call “Yapa” or ‘Un pocito mas’… Even after only buying something for, for example, 1 sol; it’s okay to ask for a little bit more. For some, it’s embarrassing and they don’t ask. I’ve learned to, because you pretty much always get it, and for anything from fruit (one more apple) to eggs and rice… For example:

“I’ll have an ice cream cone please”, me.
“1 sol”, the vender.
And my “Yapa?”, me.
The vender scoops on another scoop for free!
Yapa!!! Generous Peruvians. We usually give a few more grams of olives too, when someone asks for yapa.


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We Had A Missionary Day!

Back to Calacoa


So as not to neglect the bible students in Calacoa, an arrangement was made for a pair of pioneers to go up every week in turns to conduct the studies and hold congregation meetings... This past Monday Monica and I went up. We left Moquegua at 4 am.. and arrived much quicker than planned at 6:30.. It’s usually a 4 or 5 hour trip from our house. I guess the driver was in a hurry. I’m so glad I was sleeping while he took turns around the cliffs! But thanks to Jehovah, we made it safely. But arriving, we were surprised to find out that out of the three places that offer lodging, not one of them had a room available! That’s strange in such a small town. There is construction on the roads so the inns were filled with workman, and the other with foreigners from Italy who were there studying one of the nearby volcanoes. So we ended up leaving our bags inside a modest restaurant and wasted no time beginning the work! In Calacoa it’s the earlier the better. That’s because, most start their work early; way off in their distant farms watering, planting, milking cows and such.

We studied first with an 85 year old man, who has bad eyesight, but good listening skills. It seems that on his study in the past he did read the paragraphs and had made some progress with the brothers in the Bible Teach book. So we picked up in chapter 6, and explained what the soul and spirit are. We read the paragraphs while he listened carefully and gave good responses to the questions. It was the first time that he had thought of himself and the chickens also sitting in the room with us as living souls..

Next we went to find Francisco Huacan.. Don Francisco is an excellent study. He really helps to hold the group together. When the witnesses come up he lets all the bible studies know. He helps us organize the meeting, and spends part of the day reminding the others of the time and place. Francisco could be the future secretary of the future congregation in Calacoa! This man also takes care of his mother who was born in the 1920’s all before he spends the afternoon and, well into the evening in his chakra planting trigo(wheat), oca, avas(lima beans), and maiz(corn). I conducted the study with him in chapter 12. We talked about the challenge Satan has placed against Jehovah, and how he tested Job, and what that challenge has to do with us. He captures the main points very well and answers in his own words. Afterwards, I played on my iPod a portion of the Dramatic Bible reading about Integrity. He commented that it made the story more real.

103_9760.jpgFrancisco listening to the dramatic bible reading of Job.

Then, we attempted to visit a few other bible students but we didn’t find them home. We walked around the entire city, by now everyone knew the witnesses were in town. It’s really small. We stopped briefly to eat some tuna fruits, and invite people to the meeting we were planning to have at 7:00pm.

This Senora sits in the street selling her mangoes, and tuna… This is typically the way the women dress from Calacoa.
The woman on the far right is making string from lamb’s wool. The first time I saw it I thought it was some sort of game, a spinning top. Ha ha. But really, it’s an huso (spindle, drum). A neat tool they use to spin wool on the go.
Here are one of the few spots you can buy fruits and vegetables. The fruits they bring up from Moquegua are a little bit more expensive. There’s some tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and she’s got her hand on zapayo, it’s yellow pumpkin. Mmm mm good.

Future coats, socks,blankets and entrees. Haha..
What would they do without their asnos? A few are fortunate to have these animals that help them carry their loads to and fro.

Later, we went to visit Senor Pedro. He studies with his son, Francisco Santiago, his wife, Justa, and daughter, Nery. Francisco, his son of 27+/- years, is the only one who reads. We also studied with them about the condition of the dead. Both Francisco and Pedro are recovering from work injuries.. Pedro had to stand up every few minutes to stretch. Justa didn’t say much at all. Franciso gets really excited about the study. Monica did her best to include everyone in the study. But Francisco insisted on whispering all the answers to his parents. We are going to have to work more on encouraging everyone to participate. Although they don’t participate in the reading, we observed that they are both quite capable of understanding well, if it wasn’t for Francisco. Ha ha. We studied with them on their patio surrounded by a small green garden that Francisco obviously spent a lot of time on. It was very neat and up kept. They told us that in their chakra they raise alpaca, llama, cows and sheep. Lots of work, but they seem very happy to have all that they need.

Francisco, Pedro, and Justa with Monica

Afterwards, we stopped for a half hour to have lunch in the modest restaurant. We had a soup they were serving , which we ate with the hummus I made with Ritz crackers. While eating, we also got a peak at all the workers in town and the foreigners who were hogging all the rooms. Ha ha.

Now, it was time to find Senora Irma. Not knowing exactly where she lived, and depending only halfway on the black and white map printed out from Google with hand written red dots and names, we asked around. Good thing we were in a town “Where everybody knows your name” (remember “Cheers” ? haha) We found Irma’s house on a corner close to a tributary of the river. Her son let us know she wasn’t home, but just below at her mother’s house. We saw her and greeted her as she told us, “Otro dia, otro dia!” (Come another day!) The notes about the last return visit with her, though, made us eager to speak. It said that she was touched to the point of tears when she learned of Jehovah’s promise to make the “lame climb up as the stag does.” The notes also mentioned that although handicapped, she makes an effort to attend the meetings. I guess she wanted us to return because she was busy making a manta, (blanket used to carry things on your back. Like… babies, vegetables, wood, etc.), on the dirt floor of her mother’s dwelling. But we explained that we were only here for the day, and reminded her how important it was that she doesn’t miss not even a week of her study. So, we passed down the stone steps to sit with her for a while. In these small living quarters we were surrounded by a few cages of guinea pigs and chickens and swarms of flies. We sat with Irma, who is a little paralyzed on the right side of her face as well, which she said makes it difficult to speak. She had a hard time saying, “Lazaro” as we considered Lesson 6, but had a pretty good sense of humor about it. It was the first time I studied with someone using our new Good News Brochure. It is definitely effective, and the illustrations are tremendous.
Monica with Irma

After Irma, we tried to find Manuel and Filemon, who were at this time still surely working in their chakras. So, we stopped into a store and started a study with Beatriz. She told us she couldn’t read; well we know that’s not an excuse! It’s nice to know that Jehovah provides us with the tools to teach everyone and anyone. We sat down on sacks of corn and empty egg holders and started with her in the Brochure ‘Listen to God.’

As evening approached, we returned to Manuel’s house, and his wife Lindaura told us she was outside waiting for him to arrive from the chakra at 5pm. We chatted a little with Linda, who was in the typical dress of Calacoa. We both tried on her hat and took snapshots. She took her teeth out of the pouch of her pollera (skirt) and was excited to take pictures with us. Ha ha. She told us about her 5 kids, and how she and Manuel have been married for 60 years! We also began to study with her in the Listen to God brochure, while we waited on Manuel who arrived at exactly 5:00pm like she said. We enter into their home, and I noticed the chamomile plants growing wildly and lining there pathway while, Lindaura covered the bench with a blanket and we sat down. Manuel, despite his years, is a very good reader. He was able to explain well what God’s Kingdom is and what the 144,000 will do with Jesus in heaven, and what will happen to Satan’s wicked world.. I was surprised at the way he retained the things he had learned. After the study they shared with us toasted corn kernels with fresh cheese. Aka, “Cancha con queso”. This is one of the household staples here, and also, something I’ve learned to like.
Me in Lindaura's hat.

Monica in Lindaura's hat.
Lindaura and Manuel and their 60 years together.

How Jehovah painted the sky for the sunset.

Now it’s after 6

and getting dark and we learn that the electricity has gone out in all of Calacoa. O no, the meeting! Well, we went to find Francisco to see if he had the key to the Club de Madres, where we were holding the meeting that evening. The old location is no longer available, because of the incident with the lady breaking in. The brothers are communicating a lot about our need to have our own meeting place, and maybe even a place for the brothers to stay when they come up. Well if it’s Jehovah’s will, we may have one soon.
After seeing the location, Monica and I ran a few blocks away to the corner store to buy some candles and matches. We saw that a lot of others were doing the same. The candlesticks did the trick! The lack of light in the homes had a lot to do with the attendance for the Congregation Bible Study we conducted. We started well after 7 when 5 of the family heads arrived. Francisco and his son Henry, Filemon, Manuel, and Leonardo attended. Monica conducted the study like a group bible study, and I read the paragraphs. A few participated with their comments. It was nice to see them all learn that Jeremiah was a man with feelings like ours, and how he put his trust in Jehovah despite feelings of worthlessness and hardships. We opened and closed the meeting with song and prayer. The first song we sang acapella. When the light returned almost at the end of the study, we were able to sing with music from my iPod and portable speakers. It was so nice to hear everyone attempt to sing the songs.

Club de Madres

Singing to Jehova at the meeting.

The ones who study seem that they are already our brothers. We can imagine most of them progressing, and doing much in Jehovah’s service. After the meeting they all returned home really quick, but not before expressing their sincere desires that we return soon.

At the end of the night, we looked for a car heading out to Moquegua; one of the drivers told us there is nothing until 3am. So that was our ticket home, although it was tempting to stay until the next afternoon and finish the studies we hadn’t gotten to yet. But thinking of our activity in San Antonio we knew we had to leave the earliest as possible. So, remember that modest restaurant we ate at? That’s also where we slept that night. On the second floor of the restaurant, the owner rents rooms but since they were all occupied, he offered us a mattress to sleep on. Sooo, with no other option we slept there, together with 3 others, and the fleas, until 3am.

Although Calacoa isn’t one of the most comfortable places to be, and requires sacrifice to get there, and visit everyone; we thoroughly enjoyed this day. We went to stimulate and encourage the students there but in reality, Monica and I were the ones that felt encouraged. It’s a privilege to see the effort and enthusiasm that these humble ones put into learning about Jehovah. They really try to do what is pleasing to him. We hope to see more progress and Jehovah’s continued blessing as the days go on.

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Calacoa and Beyond

Preaching at 11,555 feet



A small group from my congregation, went on a small trip to Calacoa, to support the upcoming CO visit. Calacoa is a pueblito about 4-5 hours away from Moquegua. It is the part of our territory that has the most need, because as of now there are no publishers there! Brother Diro and his wife were living there for the past two years before they went back to the states to work. Their zealous efforts, produced much fruit because there are at least 12 eager bible students and many other interested ones that we have the chance to visit.. It is the responsibility of my cong, San Antonio, to go up and continue the disciple making work..

We arrived this past Monday afternoon...

Because it's campo... (countryside, outback, open land, or the middle of nowhere...) and very isolated; It´s a calm place to visit. I found it fascinating to see that we were completley surrounded by mountains.. Looking off into the distance, you wonder, are there more people out there? These days we enjoyed clear night skys unpolluted by light from unnatural sources, so it made looking at stars quite easy. But, the weather felt like Michigan in October! I think it was about the same.. 19 degrees or so... In addition to Calacoa, we visited a town one more hour into the dusty mountains, San Cristobal.. Well enjoy the pics and captions below...

With Yomira y Allison.. ready to head out!

Scenery and Wild Llama along the way

IMG-20121022-02169.jpgMe with Isabella Gonzales
IMG-20121022-02175.jpgIMG-20121022-02176.jpg Most everyone brings home the bacon.. or cuy... working in their personal chakras... they live almost solely on what the land produces.. potatoes, wheat, corn, different squashes, their cows and pigs along with other simple things... A great majority hasn´t learned to read, or can´t read well so we enjoy the opportunity to use our brochures ´´Listen to God´´, or ´´Listen to God and Live Forever´´.

IMG-20121022-02163.jpg This is the house were we held the meeting.. We pay rent for the room every month.. So it was quite surprising to find a senora living in it when we arrived.. They had broken the lock and entered without our permission within a months absence.. uh oh.. but thanks to Jehovah at the end we were able to hold the meeting...


IMG-20121022-02177.jpgIMG-20121023-02192.jpgIMG-20121023-02182.jpgIMG-20121022-02173.jpgIMG-20121023-02194.jpgPreaching in San Cristobal
This man saw us and came running for his magazines.. We gave him the new set, and he said, “This is all you have?” He ended up leaving happily with a nice stack of magazines to read.
Jimmy and Isabella
calacoa_042.jpgFrom the left: The circuit overseer Br. Milton Guevara and his wife Patty( on the phone) and Elizabeth Gomez. They arrived the day of the meeting. The CO visit in a group is just one or two days. One day of preaching and then one public talk. The attendance was great! In the end we were about 20 or so.
calacoa_045.jpgThis is right after the public talk and watchtower study.

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I´ve Got the Month of May

Hola! Family and friends…

sunny -40 °F

Circuit Overseer Visit

Our beautiful brotherhood

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit of the circuit overseer, Hermanos Milton y Patty Guevara… In their 22 years they have served in circuits all over Peru but are both from Ilo, Moquegua…They said that this new circuit is like coming back home… I learned from Hermana Patty’s direct, forward way of preaching.. A lot of times our bible studies need that type of attitude to act wisely.
During service, after sharing with Hermana Patty the fact that I sometimes find it challenging to keep my word in returning to all the interested ones.. and that I was planning on choosing a day for only doing return visits… She helped me write out an entire new schedule for the week and gave great suggestions, all before finishing our block!
During this special week of activity, my congregation and I were also privileged to get to know Todd and Miranda Murphy! The Murphy’s are from Kansas and came to Peru 15 years ago after graduating from Gilead in 1997. They are training to begin the circuit work, so we enjoyed their encouraging example too all week. They both express their surprise for receiving this unexpected assignment, because in the past missionaries weren’t so often used in this way…It was easy to note their humility, as they are learning something new. When Miranda accompanied me on my Bible studies and return visits, with her comments and illustrations, I was reminded once again to teach in a simple way..
I enjoyed the meeting for service every day, we were refreshed with many demonstrations of how to use the Teach Book (LibroEnsena). What a life of self sacrifice they live! The brothers in the circuit work here don´t of have their own personal mode of transportation so they spend a lot of time traveling by bus. Also most times they stay in the homes of the brothers during their visits… It´s interesting too that we prepare breakfast lunch, and dinner for them… Monica and I had the opportunity to prepare breakfast early Sunday morning..it was nice considering the daily text with the four of them, and then walking to the kingdom hall to head out in the ministry… Brother Diro and his wife support a group called Calacoa, that is part of our congregations territory 5 hours away... They also came down for the visit... Brother Diro is from Czechoslovakia and his wife from Poland... They have been in Calacoa for more than 4 years. But, just after the visit they went to Chicago to do some work.. Meanwhile we await their return... It was great to have the increase in service support increased this week; and I think we all really caught the attention of the neighbors.. They got to see the different colors Jehovah has painted his organization... and that this work is realized literally all over the world.. Where else can you see brothers from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Sweden, Peru, and the USA walking down the street together speaking the same language?! Que hermandad hermosa!
Bueno, I’m sure you’re all looking forward to your next Circuit Overseer’s visit too! Hope you get the opportunity to work with them in service.
Below: Fotos of some of the congregation with Todd and Miranda.. (They are the tallest ones in the pictures.. lol)

Our breakfast with the C.O

En el Salon del Reino
with Jimmy and Isabela

Patty Guevara
Milton Guevara demonstrating presentations for the ministry

Our brothers in the field


Last Monday, the 5th, at 5 am just as my alarm was sounding; we felt some pretty strong tremores.. although they were for only just a minute, it seemed to last a long time to me. The bed shook and the whole house vibrated as we calmly walked out...We are supposed to evacuate the house with our emergency pack and water... that we have sitting by the door... but... we forgot... well at least we made it out.. ahaha... The movement really startled the animals, as we could hear the barking of what seemed, like every dog in the entire city!... Thankfully it was only tremors.. but this is just a reminder of the probability of a strong earthquake at some point.. And the validity of Jehovah´s Word..
CNN noted this :
A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Tacna in the southern border of Peru on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey said.
The earthquake, with a depth of 11 km (6.8 miles), struck 25 km (16 miles) west of Tacna, the agency said.
There were no immediate reports of casualties or damages.

So…Thursday the 31st , the Civil Defense asks everyone to participate in a National Earthquake Drill. While many people in the territory won’t give it a second thought, we are preparing ourselves well..At 10:00am everyone should evacuate their homes… This day, as well as in the case of a real emergency, the brothers are assigned certain families to go check on. For the drill they are going to make notations of how many are dead or alive, and what damage is done to their home… Dead means they didn’t evacuate, or were unaware of the drill, alive is just the opposite… Then depending on the structure and material of the house, as well as what’s next door, they will note the condition of what will most likely happen to the home… At the meeting yesterday I was asked to help the brothers in this assignment… We`ll see how it goes...
Here´s some pics of the place Monica and I live... Huge blessing from Jehovah!


Thanks to Jehova Saturdays after work we are able to buy the necessities for the week...
These are all fruits and vegetales fresh from the garden...


What are you, one of Jehovah´s Witnesses?

Every Thursday and Saturday evening we study with Senor(Don) Marcial and his wife Nery, more and more their 2 sons, Jhair and Andre, are beginning to join us. Marcial and Neryhave been practicing Catholics, searching for the truth… participating regularly in the Mass and involving themselves in all the rituals and customs… Which by the way I have learned so much about this year… In among Evangelists, Mormons, Adventists, Israelites and others; Catholics abound the most in the territory… Anyway, Monica and I are really enjoying seeing the way the power of bible works on humble hearts.. We’ve recently touched some pretty tender subjects..cross worship and what is the soul and spirit and what happens to us when we die… We leave their home everytime with huge smiles.. This is the joy in the ministry when you see someones eyes light up because of learning what the Bible really teaches.. They both constantly humbly acknowledge that they didn’t know many things despite going to church for years, and attempting to study the Bible in the past… Don Marcial said his friends are questioning him..saying, "why don’t we see you at the mass?" "You don’t come to our meetings anymore…" "What are you one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?" Haha… He is really allowing what he is learning to affect his decisions and even his association… well although there is soo much more for the both of them to learn, I don’t want to miss a step of it.. it’s very exciting.. With Jehovah’s spirit..they can progress.. It’s easy to see them both as our brothers… Don Marcial is very studious and most of the time prepares really well looking up all the texts and writing notes… Nery accepts everything that Jehovah shows her in the Scriptures, and usually asks after reading, “..then, why do we do such and such and why does the father teach us this and that…” They are both so fascinated with the idea of living forever in a Paradise.. Being raised in the truth, from early years I’ve had these promises engrained in my mind for what seems like forever…but seeing them learn it for the first time makes me feel like I too, am just hearing it for the first time… it’s hard to take for granted, this promise never gets old, di? Que bendicion de Jehova…
Proverbios 11:25 mentions that, “The one freely watering others will himself also be freely watered”… I really feel the truth in these words… there is no other work that brings this satisfaction of helping others learn the truth…

Await your comments!

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